The Best Of The Popcorn Vol.1


1) Never in a million years (Linda Scott)(Gordon-Revel)
2) My love-my love (Bongos)(Haymes-Acquavida)
3) Strange neighborhood (Gene Mac Daniels)(Perper)
4) Duane (Jo Ann Campbell)(Campbell)
5) Forget him (Bobby Rydell)(Anthony)
6) GLI.amice.e tu (Anka)(Rossi)
7) Tears of misery (Pat Hervey)(Ross)
8) You’ll come back (Ronny Douglas)(Douglas-Elgin)
9) I’m afraid to go home (Brian Hyland)(Geld-Udell)
10) I’ll follow you Jarmels)(Albert-Turk)
11) Just multiply (Varetta Dillard)(White-Wolfson)
12) Heavenly love (Toni Harper)(Glasseer-Boldi)
13) I really really love you Po Ann Campbell)(Hatcher)
14) Anna (Arthur Alexander)(Alexander)
15) Whatever Lola wants (Della Reese)(Adler ross)
16) You can’t never stop me loving you (Kenny lynch)(Samwell-Slater)
17) Find yourself another girl (Jerry Butler)(Mayfield-Butler)
18) Question (P.J. Proby)(Price-Logan)
19) She lied (Jerry Jackson)(Crewe-Gaudio)
20) Little miss understood (Connie Stevens)(Botkin-Garfield)
21) Soul dressing (Booker T)(Jones-Cropper-Jackson-Steinberg)
22) Abracadabra (Erma Franklin)(Mc Coy)
23) You’ve been cheeting (impressions))(Mayfield)
24) Any other way (Chuck Jackson)(Bell)
25) Lips (Azie Mortimer)(Leiber-Stroller)